Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Clients

1. Definitions

a) In this contract, Bridge Tutors, also denoted as “the agency”, are a tutoring agency and a participant/party in this contract.

b) In this contract, you are denoted as “the Client”, and you are the other participant/party in this contract. “The student” is the individual that receives the tutoring services. This may be yourself or someone else. You approve the purchase of tutoring services for the student, which may be yourself or someone else.

c) The person provided to the client by Bridge Tutors is “the Tutor” with the reason being to tutor the Student.

d) A “Session” is an arranged tutoring lesson. Depending on the arrangement between Bridge Tutors and the Client it can vary in time.

e) A “Programme of Tuition” consists of one or more Sessions.

f) The end of this agreement happens when all of the commitments of the contract are fulfilled or dismissed. Naturally, the completion of the agreement will happen at the end of the last Session. However, this may also occur at another time in relation to segment 5 of “Terms and Conditions for Clients”.

2. General

a) The Client recognises that these terms regulate the legal rights and commitments between Bridge Tutors and the Client. We, Bridge Tutors, also keep the right to modify these terms and conditions.

b) The Client cannot alter these terms unless specifically accepted in writing by Bridge Tutors.

c) This agreement is ruled by the laws of England and Wales.

3. Contractual Relationship

a) Bridge Tutors presents Tutors to Clients and Clients to Tutors. Bridge Tutors also gathers payments from the Client including payment for the Tutor and its own payment with regards to commission for the introduction of parties and administration.

4. Agreement with the Tutor for the provision of tutoring services

a) The Tutor is considered to have been presented to the Client by Bridge Tutors when the name of a tutor is given to the Client by Bridge Tutors subsequent to a request from the Client for a Tutor. The Tutor is also considered to be introduced to the Client when Bridge Tutors organises for a Tutor to contact the Client after the client has asked for a Tutor from Bridge Tutors.

b) By arranging a Session with the Tutor, the Client will accept these Terms and Condition with the Tutor for the delivery of tutoring sessions/services.

c) The Clients should recognise that The Tutor does not have the ability to bind Bridge Tutors. The Tutor is self-employed and appointed to the Client to deliver a tuition service to the Student.

d) Bridge Tutors reserve the right to decline to organise a session at will or if the Client does not read these Terms and Conditions.

5. Replacements and Termination

a) If the Client requests a different Tutor because they are not content with the original Tutor provided, or the Tutor cannot complete the Programme, the agency will aim to get at least one appropriate tutor as a replacement, matching the subject and level of tuition needed.

b) In the event Bridge Tutors cannot organise an appropriate tutor as a replacement within a sufficient amount of time to finish the sessions within the Progamme of Tuition, the agency will refund a fraction of the amount originally paid by the Client, which will amount to the remaining number of sessions that were not completed.

c) If Bridge Tutors provides a replacement that is appropriate to continue the Programme of Tuition, this being a tutor that matches the standards of level and subject of tuition needed and can fit the Client’s schedule, the agency has completed its duties.

d) If the Client decides to end the Programme of Tuition within/ during the programme, a notice of one week must be given. During that week the Client can decide to use the tuition sessions that had been planned for that week. The Client can also decide they do not want to use the sessions within that week, but they will not be refunded for this week. Bridge Tutors will refund the amount prepaid, but this does not include sums for the sessions that have been completed and the sums for the week that follows the notice to end the Programme of Tuition.

6. Prevention and Forbiddance of Additional Arrangements

a) The Client cannot and will not agree alternative fees with the Tutor and also agrees not to make any direct payments to the Tutor at any time.

b) The Client agrees to make all appointments with Tutors that were introduced by Bridge Tutors only through Bridge Tutors. The Client is at no point allowed to make private arrangements with any Tutor that have been introduced by Bridge Tutors.

c) Violation of these terms will mean the Tutor is liable to credit Bridge Tutors for the total amount of sums given to the Tutor from the Client or from a new Client, without any subtraction. Bridge Tutors will have the right to seek a court order against the Tutor and the Client. These duties remain after the end of this agreement

d) If you would like to recommend a tutor from Bridge Tutors to another possible Client, then that Client is required to contact Bridge Tutors to make a contract.

e) Tutors are only allowed to tutor for the Client through Bridge Tutors. This also applies even in the event either Tutor or Client have departed the agency. In the event the Client arranges sessions with a tutor that was previously contracted to Bridge Tutors within 2 years of either of these parties leaving Bridge Tutors, or the Client is recommended a different tutor by the Tutor within this time period, the Client agrees to pay Bridge Tutors its regular commission based on the level of study and the period of the Client’s work with the Tutor.

7. Payments

a) or the first session, the Client can pay by cash at any bank or by bank transfer. After this if the Client would like to start the Programme of Tuition, monthly payment is made using our online payment system.

b) The Client pays monthly. This is in advance, meaning the Client will be invoiced within the last week of the month for tuition sessions that will be given in the following month.

c) In some circumstances we can allow a client to pay weekly. In this case, invoices will remain being sent monthly, but there will be weekly payment dates. These payments must be complete two business days before the start of the session scheduled. In the event the invoice is not paid on time, the lesson will be cancelled.

d) Tuition sessions will not start before receipt of payment for the following month.

8. Expenditures

a) As outlined in Prevention and Forbiddance of Additional Arrangements, the Client agrees not to make any direct payments to the Tutor. Therefore, in the event the Client would like the Tutor to obtain resources on their behalf, the Client will need to provide prior consent in writing and Bridge Tutors must be notified of such an arrangement. Bridge Tutors will organise reimbursement of the tutor. This will be by way of an invoice to the Client.

9. Suitability

a) Bridge Tutors will make great effort to make sure an appropriate Tutor is provided to the Client by delivering Tutors that have been interviewed, and referenced checked and have an acceptable DBS check that has taken place within two years.

10. Responsibility of Client

a) The Tutor that is appointed to the Client is only assigned to provide tuition. The Tutor is not responsible for the care, safety and well-being of all Students. If the Student is under 18 years of age, a dependable adult other than the Tutor should be present at the location/building throughout the tuition session. It is the choice of the guardian and or parents of the Student to leave their child unaccompanied during the duration of the session.

b) The Client will inform the agency within 24 hours if the Tutor did not attend the scheduled session or has informed the Client that they cannot make the session.

11. Liability

a) Bridge Tutors cannot and will not be liable to the Client or anyone else for any error or act of the Tutor.

b) Bridge Tutors does not exclude liability that is not allowed to be omitted by Law. Bridge Tutors does not exclude liability for personal injury or death resulting from Bridge Tutors’ neglect.

c) Bridge Tutors is not accountable for any direct, indirect, incidental or any damages alike as result of tutoring. This incorporates any damage or loss from Bridge tutors’ violation of this contract.

d) Although Bride Tutors is determined to fulfill the Client’s needs by warranting standards of reliability, honesty and skills from Tutors, we are not accountable for any damage, cost, dishonesty, wrongdoing or damage to property during the programme.

e) Tutors are approached by Bride Tutors under contracts for tutoring services are considered to be under the command and supervision of the Client from the moment they arrive to deliver tutoring services and for the length of the programme. The Client agrees to be liable for any error, actions or oversights of the Tutor as if the tutor was an employee of the Client.

f) The Client will inform Bridge Tutors of any specific health and safety information of which we are obliged to notify the Tutor. Bridge Tutors has a responsibility to comply with the Working Time Regulations and the Client will help Bridge Tutors by providing any applicable information about the programme. The Client will not withhold this information or do anything to cause Bridge Tutors to be in breach of it obligations under the Working Time Regulations.

h) Bridge Tutors is not liable for the results of tuition. This includes, but not restricted to exam, coursework and dissertation grades.

i) Bridge Tutors are not responsible for insurance in terms of the Tutor delivering tuition. The client should notice that this is the case.

12. Scheduling and Cancellation

a) The Tutor could spend a substantial amount of time preparing to deliver a Session. Tutors also incur travel costs and must be notified on time to avoid such costs. The Client should be aware this.

b) The Client must give a notice of cancellation of a schedules Session at least 7 hours before the start of the session. If the Client provides notice given more than 7 hours before the start of the Session, they will not pay for that Session.

c) If the Client provides notice to cancel a Session within the seven hours before the start of the Session, then the Client will have to pay for that session.

d) If the Tutor cannot deliver the Session scheduled, then Bridge Tutors will notify the Client immediately. A rescheduled lesson will be proposed to the Client. However, if an appropriate time to schedule the session cannot be decided then the Agency must be notified and will allow this session to be conducted at a later date as a session that has been paid for.

e) In the event a scheduled session is on a national or Bank Holiday that either Client or Tutor does not want the session on these days, another Session needs to be organised and the Agency needs to be notified as soon as possible of any rearrangements planned.

f) If a Tutor does not make it on time for a Session, it is their responsibility to organise to make up for the time missed. If the Student is late for a Session, the Tutor is not required to work past the scheduled time and the Session will still be charged at the regular price.

g) Bridge Tutors will consider the end of the contract if the Client consistently cancels sessions or cancellations are considered unreasonable by Bridge Tutors.

a) The Tutor and the Client agree that they will not reveal confidential information about one another or the Agency to any one during the contract and five years after the end of the contract.

Terms and Conditions for Tutors

1. Status of Terms and Conditions

a) Bridge Tutors has and keeps the right to amend these terms and conditions.

b) This agreement is ruled by the law of England and Wales.

c) The Tutor cannot alter these terms unless specifically accepted in writing by Bridge Tutors.

d) Bridge Tutors and the Tutor recognise that these terms rule the legal rights and requirements between them.

2. Status of Tutors

a) The Tutor is not an employee of Bridge Tutors. The Tutor is involved with Bridge Tutors as a self-employed tutor.

b) The Tutor and the Client (Parent, guardian or student) enter into a contract with each other once a tutoring sessions have been confirmed.

c) The contract terms agreed by the Tutor and the Client will be that of Bridge Tutors. The Tutor does not have the authority to vary the tuition. This means they cannot reduce, increase or change the tuition as arranged in these Terms.

3. Tax

a) The Tutor assumes responsibility to pay their income tax and national insurance sums relative to all the sums and charges paid to the Tutor by Bridge Tutors. The Tutor is responsible for completing all returns, assessments and any other requirements to HM Revenue & Customs for sums and charges to taxation matters.

b) The Tutor will indemnify Bridge Tutors and keep Bridge Tutors indemnified of all national insurance contributions, income tax and any interest and/or similar penalties. This also includes any charges paid or payable by the Company to the Tutor for the Tuition, and any reasonable costs incurred by the Company in recovering any such sum due by the Tutor to the Company under this paragraph.

4. Responsibilities

a) The Tutor must take a professional approach to delivering tuition.

b) The Tutor must take caution and protect the welfare of the Student.

c) Tutor should prepare for a session in relation to the Client’s requirements and curriculum of study. Therefore, the Tutor is responsible for what the session consists of.

d) Tutors are responsible for obtaining and using all the necessary teaching materials. Bridge Tutors does have a bank of resources and can at times help Tutors for free, but Tutors still remain responsible for providing materials.

e) Bridge Tutors or the Client may purchase resources only if and when the Tutor and Client agree to an arrangement with reimbursement provided from the Client. Bridge Tutors recommends that Tutors do not pay for educational resources themselves on behalf of the Client. Tutors will not accept money from the Client for whichever reason.

f) Tutors are provided time sheets. This is a record of the sessions delivered for each client. Therefore each client requires a separate time sheet. This time sheet is to be signed after each session is completed. In the event a Client challenges the hours/the amount of time taught and the Tutor does not have the time sheet signed relevant to these hours, Bridge Tutors will more than likely not be able to pay the Tutor for the hours/time stated. If Tutors have filled out their time sheet with the wrong information or it is incomplete, there is a possibility of delayed payment to the Tutor.

g) The Tutor will always attempt to ensure that the session is delivered at the agreed date and time with the Client. If reasons outside of the Tutors power stop this then the Tutor must endevour to ensure that the session is delivered as soon as possible after agreement with the Client and Bridge Tutors.

h) Before the first session, the Tutor will conduct an assessment of the student within a trial session. After the trial session the Tutor will write a summary report of the key points from the assessment and send it to Bridge Tutors. This must be written and submitted within 24 hours of the session. The report should include the student’s strong and weak points and describe what topics/areas the tutor will focus on working to improve.

i) If the Tutor concludes their involvement in the programme of tuition for a student, whilst the programme is to continue or the Tutor stops working alongside Bridge Tutors, then the Tutor must produce a report outlining the work completed with the Student and what the focus for future tuition should be. The reason for this is to allow the following tutor to continue tuition from where tuition last occurred.

j) Reliability is crucial to Bridge Tutors. If the Tutor does not respond consistently to contact from the Agency then Bridge Tutors reserves the right to remove the Tutor form our records. When contacted by Bridge Tutors, the Tutor should respond immediately/promptly.

5. Private Arrangements

a) In respect of Bridge Tutors providing the Tutor with Clients, it is not acceptable for the Tutor to form confidential/secretive arrangements with a Client acquainted by Bridge Tutors. This also applies to Clients that are presented by Bridge Tutors’ Clients. Should you violate this, you the Tutor will be held accountable to Bridge Tutors for all the funds received from these Clients (this is the full amount of funds). Bridge Tutors will be permitted to get a ban/injunction put against you the Tutor. The Tutor should be aware that this duty would remain after the completion of this agreement.

b) Sessions or any form of work that is assigned to the Tutor by a Client of Bridge Tutors should be made payable through Bridge Tutors on behalf of the Tutor. The Tutor is obligated to have Bridge Tutors process the charges. The agency is willing to discuss commission for new Client opportunities referred by a Client of Bridge Tutors. Therefore, any work referred to a Tutor by a client of Bridge Tutors must be paid through Bridge Tutors on your behalf.
c) The Tutor will not deliver any services for the Student or Client other than the tuition.

6. Payment

a) Bridge Tutors will agree the payment arrangement with the Client. The Client or Tutor cannot alter this, unless Bridge Tutors approves in writing.

b) Bridge Tutors will collect due sums from the Client and then transfer the sum with commission deducted.

c) The Tutor will only be paid after Bridge Tutors receives payment from the Client. Tutors could get written consent from Bridge Tutors to invoice the Client themselves if Bridge tutors do not receive payment after an unreasonable amount of time.

d) The Tutor must not accept any direct payment from the Client unless written permission is given from Bridge Tutors. In the event you do, all sums obtained by the Tutor will be made instantly owed to Bridge Tutors and will be prosecutable through the courts without additional notice to the Tutor.

7. Cancellation Policy

a) If the Tutor has any holiday dates intended they should provide the Client with notice and vice versa. If there is a cancellation, Bridge Tutors must be notified and the Tutor and Client will agree a new date for the session(s).

b) The Client must provide notice when cancelling a session 7 hours before the start of that session. Tutors should be aware that if notice is given before the time stated, there is no charge, and the tutor is not paid for the session that has not been delivered.

c) In the event notice of cancellation is given within the seven hours of the start of the lesson, Bridge Tutors will charge the Client in full for that session. The Tutor will also be paid their usual rate for that lesson.

8. Damages

a) Bridge Tutors is not accountable for claims by the Client related to the delivery of tuition by you. You agree to protect Bridge Tutors in regard, but not limited to, such claims.

b) Bridge Tutors is not accountable to Tutor for any damage, loss, costs or injury, which you may sustain from any grounds the Tuition is delivered. This includes any oversights from the Client, the Student or any other third party in the grounds.

c) Bridge Tutors will have no accountability for the damage or loss resulting from error or act of the Tutor. The Tutor will protect Bridge Tutors from any claims, damages, loss, costs, accountability and sums, which could be carried against Bridge Tutors by cause of or in relation to the delivery of Tuition by the Tutor and any errors or actions of the Tutor. This includes any violation of these terms by the Tutor.

d) Bridge Tutors does not rule out accountability for personal injury or death as a result for the company’s own neglect and any accountability that is not allowed to be omitted by law.

9. Confidentiality

a) The Tutor accepts that they will not reveal any private/confidential information related to matters, clients, business or dealings of Bridge Tutors. The only exception to revealing this information is if obliged by law.

b) The Tutor accepts that they will only use confidential information gained from Bridge Tutors for the purpose of accomplishing their duties under this contract.

10. Data Protection Act

a) The company uses tutor information for the services it delivers. Tutors provide personal information to Bridge Tutors for billing, contact and for influencing arrangements with Clients.

11. Truthfulness and Accuracy

a) The Tutor represents Bridge Tutors. All information including given to Bridge Tutors by the Tutor is correct and complete. This includes, but not limited to qualifications, references and personal data.

b) In the event something happens that modifies the data initially given, for example a criminal sentence after your DBS check, the Tutor needs to notify Bridge Tutors to ensure your personal data stays correct.