Primary (7+, 8+, 11+ and SATS)

At this stage, children can easily become inundated with the vast amounts of topics to be covered. However, these topics are often unconnected and do not seem to follow a logical structure for progression. We believe it is crucial that any gaps in your child’s knowledge are reviewed to then build from this foundation and so we will analyse the topics covered from the previous year to their current stage of learning. You will be given a tutor that has specialised in primary education and who understands the approach required to best help your child progress. It is also important to recognise those who are not being challenged and so challenge the academically gifted to reach their full potential. Our tutors are able to help prepare your child for the 7+, 11+ and other entrance exams.

Secondary, preparation and groundwork for future learning (Ages 11-14)

This is where children develop their ability and is as the root for future academic success at GCSE level. The jump from primary to secondary education is one, which requires students to engage in more complex concepts and take on further additional subjects. It is crucial that within this stage students are not discouraged and lose confidence in their ability to progress. Our goal is to safeguard this transition and preparatory stage, further continuing the students’ learning. Other students will be preparing for the 13+ exams, which can be extremely demanding and so we can help them along the way to the entry of their desired school.


For students this is a tremendously significant period that will greatly influence their life choices thereafter. A vast amount of importance is placed on GCSE results for future employment and university entry. We will help students develop their knowledge and the skills required to achieve at this level. Our tutors will work close with the students in both covering concepts and the approach to answering exam questions.

A-Level & International Baccalaureate

A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate is the most challenging stage students will find themselves in. Subjects build on further complex topics and although students may have succeeded at GCSE level, there is no guarantee at this stage, which is central to university entry. Our tutors can help students tackle difficult areas of study and work towards the required standard for university entry.