Online Tuition

Bridge Tutors offers online tuition as an alternative to home tuition. You will still be provided with the same high quality, specialist tutor in your subject. Because there are no travel costs for tutors these savings are passed on to you and online tuition costs are lower. Tuition will take place through Skype, where our tutor will still be able to communicate effectively, deliver presentations and use an online whiteboard system to show the student notes and demonstrate how to tackle difficult equations, understand passages of text or go through worksheets. Ultimately, online tuition provides all the tools to deliver a session as if the tutor is actually there sitting right next to the student. It's easy to set up and just in case, we can help you with setup too. This is a popular choice for many of our students as they receive the same high quality tuition, at a lower cost and it is much more flexible to organise. And remember, we are only happy if you and your child are happy with the tutor. We are here to help.


Bridge Tutors Private Tuition in London


Get in contact with us and we will provide you with a well-versed, specialist tutor that knows the syllabus, exam technique and has been vetted and referenced by us.

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