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English tuition is a highly requested subject, which is understandable when considering how important the ability to read and structure writing effectively are in other areas of the school curriculum. At GCSE English, students must develop skills such as, enhanced comprehension of more difficult texts, essay writing, creative writing and an understanding of the correct exam technique. A­ level English becomes much more difficult as students are expected to engage and deconstruct a range of literature.The course shifts from personal and immediate language contexts at AS level to language placed in its wider social, historical and global contexts at A2.The A level English specification introduces advanced language study. It aims to develop students' ability to write for a variety of audiences and purposes. They must learn linguistic frameworks and how these can be used to analyse and interpret language. Whether its understanding the fundamentals of reading in primary school or analysing a novel for an A level student, Bridge Tutors will find an English tutor who will provide high quality English tuition. Bridge Tutors listen and understand your requirements. We provide you with an experienced English tutor who knows the syllabus and specialises in the education level you or your child is at. We believe it is important that your tutor has the appropriate experience for the student’s age and level of education to ensure the tutee and tutor build a rapport creating the ideal learning environment for continuous progress.


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You will get a highly qualified English tutor that will adapt every lesson to target the student's strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors know the syllabus, exam technique and are specialists in their field.

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