Our mission is to help your child achieve their goals in the most effective way possible.

At Bridge Tutors, we believe in a structured approach to learning. We take an active role in ensuring your child is receiving the best learning possible. All our tutors are highly qualified and have been reviewed and referenced by us. We carefully select a tutor that matches your child’s needs both at an academic and social level to ensure there is a great working relationship and rapport building for effective engagement in their learning. 

We constantly receive feedback from our tutors monitoring the progress of your child. We also check regularly for your feedback on your tutor. You will receive feedback on your child’s progress every few weeks. It is not enough to simply set you up with an outstanding tutor. Bridge Tutors goes above and beyond to ensure that your child is best matched and is fully benefiting from the tuition they are receiving.

Unlike other agencies, we take pride in offering a committed and professional approach to your child’s learning. As well as our tutors being carefully selected, we care and support them. Our tutors provide feedback and we monitor this offering assistance. We assess your child’s ability in a given subject and plan towards taking the necessary steps to further their knowledge. We love hearing from you and ask for your feedback, making sure you are happy with your tutor.